Prestashop Buyback / Consignatary module


Styleable and configurable buyback / consignatary module for Prestashop that allows the (re)purchase for sale of any previously owned products. (Re)-buy the products from your customers, and (re)sell them for a profit !


prestashop-buybackmodule-img This module allows any Prestashop site admin / store owner to accept into consignation previously owned merchandise for re-selling it on the site in a consignatary or direct cashback model. The potential seller can be one of your customers who has previously purchased a product from your shop (like a handbag, an expensive jewelry, a very classy painting, etc.; any product) or a complete stranger who just has some items for sale and wants to do business with you this way.

Once logged in to their regular user accounts, the customers (in this case, your sellers) submit some information about the product(s) they wish to sell you, by selecting some simple options from a form, and submitting it with the click of a button.

You can set what options the customer has to fill, what are the brand names that you accept previously owned merchandise from, and how many products a customer/seller can submit in one form submission.

Once the form is submitted, the system send an e-mail with the submitted proposal. You log in to the admin and verify the proposal. If you like what the customer/seller has submitted, you can simply click a link in their profile page and send them an offer for their product (i.e. how much it’s worth to you).

If you come to an agreement, you create the submitted merchandise as a product, and start selling it as any other product on your shop.

The module is styleable from its regular prestashop config screen with background / foreground color selectors, so you can adapt the buyback form’s looks to your current theme as much as possible.

The module comes with full step-by-step instructions in screenshots, clearly detailing how to install, and how to configure, how to use, and how to include the module in the top menu bar as a separate entry.

This particular version was created with the options to buy back or accept into consignation, BRAND-NAME HANDBAGS. With a little effort, it can be configured for any other type of products.

If you purchase this module here, you are entitled to receive ONE MONTH OF FREE CUSTOMIZATION AND DEBUGGING from me, WITHIN REASONABLE LIMITS.

“Within reasonable limits” means that I’ll change the product type, product requirements free of charge, and I will help you install, configure, and deploy the module on your site, and make MINOR changes to its functionality.

Extra / new functionality that might come in handy to your particular way of selling, or your particular way of operating your shop, can be implemented for an extra cost.



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