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What is local geotargeting ?

Local geo targeting (short for geographical targeting) is the intentional targeting of the presence of a product or service to a specific area close to the business itself. Let’s say you have a business that operates in Virginia, USA. You have a number of cities in Virginia, in which you offer your services. And you have a significant number of services to offer in each of those cities. Let’s say one of your services is “limousine rentals”.

From an SEO standpoint, if someone searching Google or Bing at this very moment for this specific keyword or keyphrase, “limousine rentals in virginia”, it would simply make sense to both the search engine, and your customer to show THE MOST RELEVANT result in the SERP, and if your customer is phisically located for instance, in Springfield, VA, the search engine would try to show “limousine rentals” from Springfield, VA. So in simpler terms : what people are searching for (service or product) + WHERE they are searching from  (their phisical location or their city or area specific keyword) = geo-targeted search.

So far, so good. It simply makes sense to have the most relevant results to the PLACE in which or for which you are performing a search, and not from somewhere else.

The callenge

Now here’s the challenge: for Google or Bing, or any other search engine to pick up any number of your services, for any number of cities, you would have to write (NUMBER OF SERVICES X NUMBER OF CITIES) a great number of SEO articles, articles that specify that your company is offering those services there, too. That would mean, for merely 2 services  and 5 cities, that you’d have to either write yourself, or hire someone to write, 10 SEO articles, with NON-DUPLICATE content, or content that differs at least somewhat (city name, images, etc.) between the cities.

Now that’s fine with just 5 locations, nearby towns, and 2 services, but what if you had at least 20 services, and you want to target 50 locations ? That would mean 1000 articles ! That is a huge expense both time-wise, and with regard to costs. Unless your business really, really booms, you simply cannot afford it. And if you cannot afford the SEO content for your targeted locations, well, you may kiss your relevance in SERPs for those locations, goodbye.

The solution: GEO-SEO on-the-fly

That’s where GEO-SEO on-the-fly generator comes in ! This plugin can AUTOMATICALLY GENERATE a locally targeted, keyword-rich, RELEVANT content for your business, in seconds, without straining your hosting account, and saving you a ton of time and money !

For a business with 20 different services, and 50 different targeted locations, this plugin can generate a perfectly targeted, keyword-rich set of 1000 (one thousand) articles, with images and links included, IN LESS THEN A SECOND ! That’s right, in less then a second. That’s how powerful it is !

The setup is so easy for you, the administrator, it almost hurts 🙂 You only have to write a few lines of text, set up a few keywords that are relevant to your business, and specify the list of cities or towns that you are targeting. If you want, you can set generic images that represent your business, to be shown in all articles, or you can set location-specific images, that will be included in the right articles, in the right places.

And you can also set a common contact data, like a website address or e-mail or phone, or all of them, to be included as “extra” data, in all the generated pages.

It takes up very little space

The pages are generated ON-THE-FLY, which means they are not even stored on the server/hosting account, so they really don’t take space almost at all. A thousand (1.000) geo-targeted articles with one image for each targeted location or service (200×200 images in jpg format), will only take up a few megabytes (~8…10 MB) of data. And we are talking about 1000 images and articles !

The plugin will generate an address, like a sitemap, (for instance, yoursite.com/local), which you will have to submit to google. And because the plugin is made in such a way, that every time google will crawl any of these targeted pages, THE CONTENT WILL BE EASILY REWRITTEN. Which means google will consider it fresh, more relevant content, and favor it in the SERPs. And so will bing and other search engines.

The installation is very easy, it installs just like any other plugin. And configuring is even easier, you simply insert some words into some textfiles and click save. Installation and usage instructions are included in the plugin’s zipfile, so you can read those, too, any time.

More info

This plugin is very close to a piece of artificial intelligence. It can be configured in a great number of ways, depending on your specific business type, what services you are offering, and where and how.
If you need assistance with installing or configuring it, you can send me a support request, and I’ll do my best to answer it within one business day. I usually answer much sooner, though 🙂

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