I like taking pictures, and I like changing my desktop pictures from time to time, even the background pictures on my mobile phone. The pictures I’ve uploaded here are completely free, I’ve taken them personally with my phone’s camera, feel free to download and use them as you best see fit, for whatever project you’d like.

They aren’t even extra-high resolution images, just 2 or 3 megapixel pictures, but hey, just a few years ago, we all would’ve loved to have at least those as background pics 🙂

Click on either the images or the links above them to be taken to their respective gallery pages.

On gallery pages, right-click on images and select either “Save image as”, or “Set as desktop background” to set any of the images as a desktop background.


Fruits – Sept. 10th, 2013

Real berries, no 3.14 :)

Flowers – Sept.10th, 2013

image of yellow flower