If any group of people should gather to write an app, or launch a site and service that is completely meaningless and bogus, but yet hype it up and adverise it as a social posting scheduler, I believe it would be called Later.

I have just spent 3 hours or more, trying to set up the free version of my Later account, only to discover that absolutely NOTHING inside the “platform” works as expected, and all you get is a poor excuse for a push notification setup, that you could’ve gotten simply setting up an alarm on your phone’s or watch’s clock.

I went to the android play store to uninstall it from my phone, and of course, leave them a one single star review, and much to my surprise many people had almost the same things to say about this “app” as I do.

This app should NOT be allowed to be listed on the Google Play Store, it deceitfully advertises itself as doing something it does not, furthermore, it’s a waste of time.

Upon deleting my account, I was asked via a form to tell them why I want to unsubscribe, well, here’s what I have left them:

This is one of the most meaningless “apps” I’ve even seen in my 30+ years of information technology carreer.
No automatic posting, I get a push notification to log in to publish, which I could’ve simply done via my calendar or any other scheduler, then upon posting, I discover that it’s easier to build a website from scratch then figuring out how to actually post anything in this … what do I even call it, it’s not even an app.
Then all sorts of permissions are asked of me, which I provide in all 3 linked profiles, twitter, pinterest, instagram, only to discover that – since I had to leave my computer for a while, with the “ready to post” screen on – my “credentials” are no longer valid and I have to refresh, then I refresh them, then I discover that I have to log in to the mobile app, to allow the desktop app to post via the mobile app, or something like.

Screenshot of later dot com - the deceitfully advertised platform that doesn't do what is says it does
Screenshot of later dot com – the deceitfully advertised platform that doesn’t do what is says it does

Seriously people ? And if this is the “free” version that just lost me 3 hours of my life trying to set this up, does anyone really have any kind of incentive or reason to purchase a paid version ?

Thanks, but NO, thanks.
This was a complete waste of time, and an enormous waste of potential on your part. This is NOT an automated social posting scheduler, but is just falsely advertised so, like many other reviewers on the Google play store have said so before me.

The idea is good, but as a famous person (current POTUS) said: looks good, doesn’t work.”

In short, if you need a social media scheduler, make sure you do NOT waste your time with Later. You’ll thank me for it…well, later 🙂

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