Photo by Vijay Putra from Pexels
Photo by Vijay Putra from Pexels

I was surprised today to see that someone is actually trying to blackmail me into giving them 0.5BTC (bitcoin), or my site, reputation, and whatever other pink unicorns this person is dreaming about, will be destroyed.

I think the image in itself speaks louder then any words, not to mention that probably the same person has submitted the same blackmail threat several times over, from different IP addresses.

From the sheer number of IP addresses this person talks about in their blackmail / threat, imagine if they attack every wordpress blog out there and ask for bitcoins this way, and people actually pay them.

I hope the proper authorities will take action after I report all the IP addresses from which the threats were made. And I hope the person who made the threats will grow spiritually, and find a better way to live life than what they’ve just done. This reminds me of a black guy in south Africa jumping on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back a few days ago, and then screaming from the top of his lungs that he just needed a lamborghini 🙂

Grow up people and get a life, seriously. Do you think if I had 0.5 BTC (roughly 1500 dollars at today’s exchange rate, according to some online sources) to give away, I would give it away to some blackmailer?

A picture is worth a thousand words.






And the rest of the “comment”.








I hope you grow to a more peaceful and righteous human being, whoever you are.


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