SSD - solid state drives - the supply can't meet the demand, in 2017
SSD – solid state drives – the supply can’t meet the demand, in 2017

According to some online sources, the current year (2017) is a year of shortages in the solid state drive industry (more commonly known as SSD drives or NAND flash drives).

The huge demand for this microelectronic device has surpassed the production capacity of the factories that produce it, and the exponential growth of devices that use these components for their storage, is not likely to subside overnight.

Newer personal computers, laptops, notebook computers, netbooks, iPhones, iPads, all sorts of smartphones and GPS and navigation devices, and the ever increasing number of hosting providers to accomodate the enormous number of hosting needs of cloud computing and ever more apps being built, has simply pushed the industry to a point where it can no longer accomodate the needs, and the demand is larger then the supply.

Specialists in the industry have forecasted that the turning point from where on the supply will meet the demand, will be around mid-2017, but in truth, that has yet to happen. Other voices in the industry consider the second quarter of next year (2018) could be the point where at least part of the supply chain will move up to the speed of the demand.

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