A customer of mine has asked me on fiverr how she can create posts from sliders and add it to her pages, so instead of just writing a post about it, I created a small how-to video and uploaded it to youtube.

Here’s the clip, it could be useful for someone else, too, not just to my customer

Even if this particular slider plugin that I’m presenting is the Espro EasySlider Lite version, usually, other slider plugins behave the same and have similar options, and even adding slides to the posts or pages created by other sliders, is similar.

For those of you that would rather try to read some instructions and follow the steps, I’ve also created a text-only version on a simple LibreOffice presentation, which is both included in the last part of this videoclip, and I’ve attached it here as a downloadable file, both in the original LibreOffice Presentation format, and exported as PDF.

Has this video or PDF / presentation helped you ? Please share it with your friends, they might need this information, too. And leave a comment if you have the time and care to.

ODP presentation file

PDF file


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