Once the work-week is over, most people can hardly wait to get home and unwind with some interesting pastime, a game, a good TV show, or just by hanging out with friends and family.

For those that would like to unwind with a free, online game, I suggest you give this new, free, HTML 5 version HexGL a try. It’s very easy to play, and it sure captures attention, the graphics is beautiful, both on smaller and larger screens, I’ve even tried it on 1440×900 large screen laptop, and it looks very nice.

Free, open-source HTML5 game

You can control the space glider via the keyboard, a space leap motion controller, via touch on mobile devices, and even via a gamepad ! How cool is that for an HTML 5 space glider game ?! Very cool !

The game even has a “God mode” that can be turned on, though, I haven’t figured out what that does, presumably, you can’t “die” no matter how many times you crash your space glider. In the “regular” mode, you get 3 “lives”, after which the game has to be restarted.

Give it a try. The game is fully open-source, you can find it on Github, to fork it, or download it and use it in accordance with its MIT licence

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