Finally, I can say wholeheartedly, that after having tried and tested very thoroughly, more then 200 linux distributions found on, I have found the best, fastest, simplest, most complete, most user-friendly, efficient, task-oriented linux distro to date !

Last time when I was so excited and so pleased about anything in computer technology, was when I discovered Aldus Page Maker, but those times are long forgotten now (1994/1995), and the last time an operating system was so appealing to me, was when I discovered “ubuntu done right”, which was Linux Mint

The default splash screen of Trinity Desktop on Q4OS Linux distro
The default splash screen of Trinity Desktop on Q4OS Linux distro

Linux mint was my favorite operating system for many years, and I’ve even contributed a few minor bug reports here and there, but as time went by, and most importantly, because of the stupid decision of Gnome 2 desktop environment’s developers to destroy all the good things that those before them have built and forced that unneeded, useless move to the crappy Unity interface, I was forced for a while to work with other Os-es, and try out several distros a day, to see which one of them matched my working habits (very accustomed to how Gnome2 worked, basically, just like Windows XP or Windows 7, but on Linux).

Sure, PCLinuxOs was also a favorite for a while, but when the main developer(s), Textar and his older gang started to move on with their lives and retreated more and more from the project, I hate to say this, but PCLinuxOs also started becoming more and more bloated, archiving and disarchiving, packaging or installing basically anything on it just became slower and slower, and the main focus of the project apparently became just like almost everything else in the world of technology today, HOW IT LOOKED, rather then how it operated.

After giving the recent Cinnamon desktop environment quite a few shots, and having found more bugs and more disfunctionalities then functionalities, I was actually considering a move back to windows XP or seven, because Unity and all the other (except 1 !) desktop environments simply are no match for the efficiency, simplicity, and straight-forwardness of gnome2. That is, until I’ve discovered Q4OS

Q4OS is the greatest project I’ve seen in the last 10 years or so, and trust me, I’ve seen quite a few hundred !

It’s based on debian (jessy), uses the extraordinary, Trinity Desktop Environment as its main interface / built-in graphical interface, and it’s super simple, extremely fast, without any bloat, and still supporting the latest hardware and peripherals, which in my book, makes it THE BEST operating system today, bar none. It’s visually appealing, with beautiful theme-tweaking and tuning possibilities, absolutely flawless font antialiasing, and a tremendous amount of applications installable by the click of a button/

I’ve been in IT for more years then the total age of many of today’s younger IT “gurus” out there (30 years actually, give or take a few months now..), and I can say wholeheartedly, that this Debian (jessy) + Trinity Desktop + Q4OS = is the holy trinity in linux today !

From the not so unimportant fact that its memory usage is ONLY 300 MB !!! (that’s right, Q4OS works out of the box, with absolutely complete functionality on any PC with at least 300 megabytes of memory !), the CPU requirements are minimal (I’ve installed it on a 900 Mhz reaaaaally old PC and it works FLAWLESSLY), and the power management features are ASTONISHINGLY flawless, both for desktop, and laptops. (I’ve also installed Q4OS already on several Dell Latitude, Inspiron, and HP laptops, it simply works without a flaw !)

I don’t know the team behind the project. I don’t know their age, or their background. But I can say with 100% certainty, that THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, and they’ve created so far THE BEST LINUX OS ever.

If you’re interested how to make the most of, and supertune, supercharge your Q4OS installation, stay tuned for a series of articles that I will most definitely write, that will show you how to use and supertune, supercharge your  Q4OS, from the first steps of downloading and installing the distro, and up to the finest tuning details. So stay tuned, and if you’re not already subscribed to my mailing list, please do so now, so you’ll get the next articles in your inbox.

To the team behind this extraordinary distro : thank you from the bottom of my heart, for this extraordinary Linux distro, DO NOT EVER GIVE UP ON IT !