TL;dr : check these, if you think your customer’s pc is clogged ;

Some of the regular challenges of being an IT support person are listening to heavy cursing, accepting some foul language from your customer knowing that it’s directed towards “that damn machine” and not you, and from time to time, cleaning a PC that has more dust and spiderweb in it, then your grandfather’s shack in the woods 🙂

So, when the “computer won’t work”… you might want to check inside the case to see if some of things you’ll see in the pictures here, don’t also apply to your case 🙂

I doubt that any computer or laptop will work well with a clogged heatsink and / or a clogged cooler as these in the pictures, for that matter.

Here are some pictures that I’ve recently taken from some PCs and laptops I’ve cleaned. In all cases, the customer just couldn’t understand “why the damn things is not working anymore” … Maybe because of the ton of dust didn’t allow the coolers and heatsinks to cool, and the entire pc/laptop was so full of dust, it was close to shortcircuiting every component ? I dunno 🙂

See for yourself. What do you think ? Did all this dust have anything to do with it ? 🙂 (click on images for bigger/better resolutions)

clogged-dirty-p4-powerunit dirty-amilo-cooler dirty-amilo-cooler2 dirty-amilo-heatsink dirty-p4-cooler spiderweb-inside-computer-case very-dusty-computer-case