I sometimes wonder how is it even possible, that software and service giants like google, yahoo, microsoft, and other companies their size can even exist in a technology world presumably dominated by pure, hard-core mathematics, and yet, fail to respect even the simplest arithmetic rules, such as 2+2=4. Blogger now “thinks” that math should not apply to its calculations.

Image of blogger's dashboard with stats

I’ve seen errors in yahoo mail, like, after deleting 20 e-mails from the spam folder, there still are 20 e-mails counted, when there are NO e-mails in that folder any longer, or, in bing’s webmaster tools dashboard, after deleting 3 system messages, the counter at the top still says “3 messages”, while there are no messages any longer.

Today, much to my surprise, I’ve discovered, that the blogger dashboard thinks that mathematical rules of addition – simple arithmetics – don’t apply to its calculations for some reason. I could almost even accept this nonsense, if I could find in google’s myriad-pages online help system, an explanation, as to why two plus two no longer equals four.

In the “Pageviews today” section of one of my blogs, I see 812 pageviews. That’s ok.

Image of blogger's dashboard with incorrect stats

But when I click on “Audience”, to see how those pageviews are broken down by operating systems, browsers, and countries … the results are simply staggering: 1144 pageviews by country (out of those 812 total pageviews, mind you !), 1192 pageviews by browsers, and 1181 pageviews, by operating systems !

Pretty confusing, don’t you think ?

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