When I discovered Linkedin a few years ago, I was very excited thinking that I’ve discovered a great network of potentially like-minded professionals, from whom I could learn, with whom I could cooperate, build, share, essentially, grow both as a human being and as a blogger and an IT professional. I already had more then two decades experience in IT, and several years of blogging behind me, but since the environment in my country of residence is not exactly a friendly one to those who desire to make it on their own, being an (ex?-)communist country and part of the big former soviet communist block… I was hoping I’ll find more occidental, more pragmatically-minded, more evolved people on Linkedin.

Since it does advertise itself as a network of professionals, well, what else should I’ve been looking for on it ? I’ve been looking for professionals. But much to my dismay, as it turned out then, and as still is the case today, at least in my opinion, Linkedin is nothing else then a bunch of lying, frustrated, uneducated people giving themselves and each-others titles so resounding, and so long, that it takes any serious linguist at least a moment of thinking to understand which function in the title means what.

image showing disapproval thumbs down of linkedin

Some of the titles that most people on linkedin give themselves is simply stupid, and I’ve seen lately that they’ve exported this colossal level of stupidity to other social networks as well, and resounding titles, long function names, and badly worded job descriptions for nonexistent fields of expertise have become the norm.

Some of the people I’ve checked out during the years, had titles so resounding, and micro-resumes so astonishing, that I, as a programmer, felt ashamed that I didn’t learn as much as they did, and I didn’t have their diplomas and qualifications. Well, guess what ? Later it turned out, that they don’t actually know anything about programming, and having a diploma, a BS (not bachelor of science, in their case, it’s b*llshit) paper, credentials and titles, doesn’t mean they are actually good at anything.

So, Linkedin, IS a network for people who have resounding titles and know nothing about or know very little about the things they say they’re experts in.

Another thing that puts me off whenever I see something from linkedin, an article, a “scientific study”, an “infografic” (whoever invented that stupidity should be punished severely), is the mere stupidity of those who write “scientific studies” in English, while NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH, in a field of expertise they know little to nothing about, and THEY BUILD A FACEBOOK PAGE FOR IT AND THEN BUY THE LIKES !!!!

I don’t know… maybe I’m getting too old, but somehow, I just don’t see the value of anything on linkedin these days, not that I’ve seen anything of value on it anytime in its history.

What is your opinion on this ? Has linkedin really become just a shitload of frustrated, entitled, self-appointed gurus who pat each-other on the back by “endorsing” everyone they know or do not know, without even knowing whether the person they endorse actually has a clue or not about the subject they endorsed them in, or could it be actually turned into a network of REAL professionals, in which not titles, diplomas, degrees (I p*ss on those, by the way, and so should everyone with at least 2 functioning braincells), but actual KNOWLEDGE AND CAPABILITY of those present, would become the more important factor ?

Tell me what you think in the comments.