I see that it’s a trend to do facelifts on sites that otherwise were perfectly functional, but haven’t changed in their outlook for a while, and it’s a trend to make changes for the mere sake of making changes, even if those changes break functionality.

Paypal - errors on site !
The new paypal site design broke it’s functionality. Shame !

Yahoo, gmail, even operating systems and desktops like Ubuntu, and Gnome, have destroyed something that was perfectly functional the way it was, to please some idiotic idea according to which everything needs to be changed from time to time.


We all know how yahoo’s endeavor turned out, everybody and their grandmother that used to be a loyal yahoo fan, now simply hates it. The same goes for the new gnome3, unity with ubuntu, and the list could go on and on…

But today, PAYPAL (! damn, I seriously thought they are taking their jobs more seriously) – is redirecting  TO A NONEXISTENT PAGE ????

What the hell is wrong with you people, programmers, webdesigners, whatever you may be, why on earth do you have to implement stupid facelift changes, that break functionality ? Couldn’t you just leave everything the way it was, that is… FULLY FUNCTIONAL ?

NOT very inspiring, not trustworthy anymore !

See the image, and you’ll understand.