If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of unhappy Yahoo Mail users who believe that the new interface forcefully implemented and forced on users by Yahoo, is much more of a hinderence in the way of accomplishing anything meaningful via e-mail, then an improvement, you’ve probably tried to change how the interface looks, googled about it, complained about it in the forums, to no avail.

This is how the newest Yahoo Mail interface looks
Image no.1 – The “new” yahoo mail

Just quickly glancing over the enormous amount of complaints about the new interface, one can easily realise that this new interface is really nothing more then a stupid and short-sighted attempt by some yahoo staffers to sell the idea that everything needs to go mobile. People who are not star-wannabe, youtube munching teenagers, and still use the computer for something else then following their favorite star kid, (e.g. the great majority of users), hate the new interface  (image no.1), which is useless, more functions are buggy and not working then the ones that do work ( for instance, you can open the folders list, but you can’t click with a mouse on any of the folders, but you can TOUCH the folder name if you navigate from a smartphone or tablet, to get to one of your folders, and many, many more).

Accessing the hidden settings menu in the new Yahoo Mail
Image no.2 – accessing settings in Yahoo Mail

To those of you, my fellow yahoo mail users, here’s an easy solution to get back to the old, previous, user-friendly interface with just a few clicks: MOVE your mouse cursor in the upper-right corner of your yahoo mail interface, but DON’T CLICK on the small cogwheel icon.


Depending on the OS you are using, your computer’s speed, and a few other minor factors, in a few seconds after placing your mouse cursor over that icon, a small popup menu will well…. popup. (image no. 2)

In that popup menu, click on “Settings”, (highlighted in image no.2).

A new frame will popup, just like an image lightbox, shading the screen behind it. In that frame, some options will be presented for modifying the appearance and some of the behavior of yahoo mail. In the left column, click on the second row, on the “Settings” link. (Image no. 3, highlighted with “1”)

Image no.3 - modifying the interface settings in the new yahoo mail
Image no.3 – modifying the interface settings in the new yahoo mail


This will open in the frame’s right box, some settings and in the last two rows of  those setting there will be 2 radio boxes, the first of which (“Full featured”) will be marked selected.

Click instead on the second radio button, the one that has written “Basic” near it. The moment you click on it, some warning will be output right under that button, telling you that the interface will be reloaded once you click save.

Don’t mind that message, and click on “Save”, just as noted in Image no.3 , with “3”. Wait a few seconds, and the interface will reload, with a previous, more user-friendly version of Yahoo Mail, which you can  actually use for some productive work, just as seen in image no.4.




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Yahoo Mail - reverted to previous version's interface
Image no.4 – interface reverted to previous version of Yahoo Mail


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