Part one – presenting the challenges, and what would be a better way of accomplishing your blogging or online publishing tasks, to automate your blogging activites with free services.

If you are a blogger or online content creator like myself, you know that sometimes the day seems as if it’s not long enough to allow you to accomplish every task you set out to accomplish for that day. Sometimes, tedious, repetitive tasks, like modifying webpages, alerting services like web crawlers, directories, feed resyndicators, subscribers, and generally, all other interested parties that your content has changed, a new post has been posted, an older one has been modified, can take up anywhere from 5 minutes, to several hours, depending on how many services or interested parties you’d like to notify.

Because both as a professional blogger and programmer, and generally, a human being, I value efficiency above manyAutomating your blogging work - simple photomontage other things, I think some of the methods and workflows that I use may benefit a lot of fellow bloggers, online publishers, especially since after a few conversations on social media platforms like google plus or facebook, with people from India to the USA, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of you fellow publishers “out there” are doing more hard work then you should, in the process of making your content known on the web, both by search engine bots and other technical entities, and human being who might be interested in digesting your content regularly or from time to time.

To be able to best understand first, what automating your online publishing work can do for you with regard to time, I’ll give you a simple, real-life example from my own blogging experience: publishing one single article on one single blog, then tweeting it, publishing it to at least facebook, google plus, submitting it to stumbleupon, and creating a single e-mail that would alert your subscribers about your new post, can take anywhere between one to six hours, depending on the depth of the article, the research you might need to do to gather the data for your post, and your publishing targets are SINGLE (one facebook page, one g+ page, one single e-mail list/subscriber list, one of every target)

Now this, of course, multiplies, by the number of targets you might have, if you have several facebook pages or groups to which you publish your posts, or several google plus pages.. you know what I mean. More time spent doing the same thing over and over again. What if I told you, that except for the writing of the post itself, you can automate EVERYTHING, even publish every post, to several different twitter accounts, facebook pages, cross-post between them, by a one-time setup on some free, online services, of a personal account that links to your blog or website ?

For instance, in my case, after I write a post on one of my blogs, my content gets AUTOMATICALLY published to FIVE different facebook pages for communities, which I manage, 2 different twitter account, the google plus page linked to the blog, and 3 other online syndication services, WITH ONE SINGLE CLICK and some minor tweaks ? It only takes 2..3 MINUTES to do this ? Do you like the sound of it ? Then tag along for the rest of this (lengthy, I know…) article, that will teach you how to accomplish a near-perfect automation for your blogging efforts, so that you can have more free time on your hands, and use your spare time as you see fit, do less work then before, and reach more people, more potential subscribers, and basically, do more potential business and get or produce more revenue.


For this, you will need to create a twitter account (hopefully, you already have that, and with a large number of followers), a feedburner account, a facebook account, a networkedblogs account, a stumbleupon account, a google account and a google plus page, a facebook page created for your blog (separate from your personal page/stream/feed) and some rock-hard patience for setting up these services to work for you 24/7, for free.

If you think this will be hard work, don’t worry, I’ll show you step-by-step, with screenshots and explanations, how to accomplish everything.