Although blogcatalog is a pretty well known platform by the blogging comunities around the world, I’ve had the misfortune to be blocked from registering, and I also had the misfortune to be treated as if I was transparent, by its staff, not receiving at least a negative answer to my support or help request.

Here’s the thing. This domain is pretty new, and might look awkward in the “eyes” of some algorithms that try to detect on certain signup forms whether a URL or e-mail address you typed, is a “legitimate” one or not. And blogcatalog, just like some other online venues, – probably – thinks that a .gq domain is not valid.

If I try to signup with my e-mail address, their system is telling me that the e-mail address I’m using is already registered.

And if I try to recover the password, to the same e-mail address to which their system says it’s already registered, now the same system says it cannot find that e-mail as a registered one in their database.

After several unsuccesful attempts to get some support, both by e-mail and via twitter, I thought I should at least write a rant about this issue, as I feel that somebody is either knowingly or unknowingly denying my right to use that platform, without any reason other then my domain being a . PRO

Here are the screenshots I’ve taken:

If I try to register, this is what I get:

Blogcatalog error - cannot-register-its-already-registered

After a message like this, anybody in their right mind, will try to recover their access, if their e-mail address is already registered, right ? That’s what I did. But see what happened:

Blogcatalog error - email not found

I’ve sent two e-mails to webmaster at blogcatalog dot com, support at blogcatalog dot com, to which I’ve received no response even after a MONTH !!!

And I’ve also sent them several tweets, even asking them to at least tell me why they don’t want to tackle this issue.

Maybe they’ll answer after they’ll get the URL of this post.

I don’t get it… if you have some error in your system, some stupid bug, why not simply acknowledge it, and fix it, instead of hiding from a potential member of the site ? Do you know how disrespectful it is to not even give an answer to a bug report ? I actually feel discriminated here.