Here are the steps you need to take to install Linux Mint Olivia Mate, on a computer or laptop. I’ve installed it this time, on an IBM Thinkpad T43 laptop, but except for some differences that the hardware installation and configuration scripts will detect towards the end of the installation, the process is pretty much the same on every PC or laptop.

In my case, the hard-drive already contained two NTFS partitions, on one of which I have Windows XP installed, and two partitions that I’ve previously prepared for Linux, one with EXT4 filesystem and one for the swap space.

Regardless of whether you booted from a bootable CD, bootable DVD, or a bootable USB stick, once you’re in the Mate environment (actually, a successor of Gnome, and everything is mostly just like it used to be in Gnome), the installation proceeds much like in the recording I’ve made.

Please excuse the accent if it seems strange, I wasn’t born a native English speaker 🙂

Even if you’ve never installed Linux, and are thinking about whether you should give Linux a try or not, with this little screencast I made an attempt to show everyone how easy installing a complete Linux Mint operating system could be.

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UPDATE: The video clip that was previously uploaded, is now deleted from youtube, because it had very poor audio quality. Thanks  Kneedragon1962 for bringing that to my attention