If you have a hosting account offering Cpanel access and you regularly back up your data, using its “generate full website backup” function, or “download home directory backup”, you should NEVER, ever, under any circumstances unpack the downloaded TAR.GZ file on Windows XP, Vista, or Win 7. I’m not sure about Windows 8, but for these three that I’ve mentioned, there is a very real chance you’ll get some undeletable, uneraseable files and folders.

Some files and folders inside a full website backup contain file information which is simply NOT readable on windows. For instance, the server might store in your backup archive, information related to when each file in a folder – especially iUndeletable folder  and cannot rename eithern IMAP folders and webserver directories – was last accessed, in what order were the files sorted, etc. These file information bits and pieces, though during the process of unpacking are wrtitten to the windows filesystem as part of the file’s names, later, if you even try to access those files, you’ll get an error stating that the files don’t even exist, or, if you try to rename them, you’ll get another error message.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to access the partition from under Linux (I’d recommend Linux Mint, or PcLinux OS ), and delete the folders or/and files from under linux. The popular “Unlocker” assistant utility was of no help, unfortunately, though it did state that the computer needs to be restarted for finishing the deletion of the selected directories and files. I’ve tried several times to delete the folders in question with the help of unlocker, to no avail.

I’ve succeeded deleting the troublesome files and folder from under Linux !