If you ever come across a situation in which a simple splitting of an AVI file is needed, I would recommend using AviChop to do the task.

While most similar programs are seemingly more “sofisticated” – nicer guis, nicer install apps, etc., the cons of the other avi splitting programs have made me look for a smaller, efficient, simpler program.

I’ve split a few avis with other avi splitters, only to discover later, that the sound has disappeared or the audio and video tracks have been desinchronized. Well, this hasn’t happened at all with AviChop.

Don’t be fooled by the very few options this program has: it’s fast, small, and it’s efficient.
Screenshot of AviChop programs's GUI
After installing, just select the input file, select the output file, and give the desired size at which you’d like to split the larger AVI.

Why would you need this ? Well, first of all, because of storage space. Personally, I still write all my important data, software, movies, backups, pictures, documents – everything – on CDs and NOT on DVDs. Why ? Because DVDs tend both to be less reliable and take a much longer time to write. And if a CD with half a movie or some data gets damaged, you’ve only damaged ONE PART of that data, while if you’ve damaged a DVD – a much larger amount of data needs to be rewritten.

Avichop even lets you rewrite a few frames from the end of the first chopped segment , into the first part of the next segment, so it’s absolutely certain, that you don’t loose any information from the original AVI file.

Give AviChop a try !

Avichop can be downloaded from several locations, if you’ll just google it, “download avichop” and a couple of download locations will come up.

I’ve personally downloaded it from HERE

Have you used this program ? Or other similar programs ? What is your favorite AVI splitter ? Leave a comment and let me know !