selecting "Manage" on context-sensitive right-click menu on my computer, in windows XP


If you have an IBM Thinkpad T4x series. or any other IBM or Lenovo based laptop, or any computer with the specific Intel Proset Wireless 2200 (or 29n51) wireless network card, and cannot get an ip address on your wireless lan, or you have constantly displayed “Aqcuiring network address”, here are some simple steps you can take to get rid of the problem.

First, if you driver for this particular network card came with a set of Intel-created registry service, and Intel-based event log, and an Intel-based wireless zero config replacement service, you have to disable them ! That’s right, in windows Xp, you have to DISABLE the services that were specifically delivered via the driver package provided by Intel / Lenovo, that were supposed to make this card work !

Right-click on “my computer”, select “manage”, and then go to “services and applications”, then select “services” . Maximize the window so that you’ll have a better look at the services and their descriptions. Locate the 3 services implemented forcefully by the intel proset wireless 2200 driver,

Services and applications entry in computer management console on windows XP

as seen in images 1 and 2.  Select each of the three services, as seen in image 3, and if they are started, stop them, and disable them. [ right-click on each, select “properties”, and at the “startup type” list menu, select “Disabled” and click on OK ]

After disabling these services, locate the “Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator” service in the list, and set its startup type to automatic, as seen in image no.4  Then modify the recovery options of this service by setting all three of them in the “recovery” tab of the properties window to “restart the service as seen in image no. 5

Disabling intel proset wireless services in windows XP


Locate the “Workstation” service in the list, and check the capability of this service to interact with the desktop,  on the “Log on” tab of the properties window.

setting recovery options for RPC locator service in XP

Close the management console and either log off, or restart your computer. If the password and other settings of your wlan connection were set, at the next logon, your wlan connection should start without any problems, and the DHCP should allocate its IP address, in no more then a few seconds (3…10 sec. max.)

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Setting workstation service in XP to allow interaction with desktop






A short update:

you may also want to try the following:

open a command window, and type :

“sc stop dhcp” – without the quotes – and press ENTER. Wait a few seconds for the DHCP client service to shut down.

Then type “sc start dhcp” – without the quotes – and press ENTER to restart the DHCP client service.