If you care about the number of bounces your blog has, and are working on decreasing it, meaning you plan and implement ways to keep your visitors on site, then you know how important it is to find a way to show your visitors “similar” or “related” posts on your blog, especially, if they have actually read a post until the end.

On wordpress blogs, one has a plethora of possibilities, the most well-known being probably the script given for free by linkwithin, but on blogspot / blogger blogs, even though you can implement the linkwithin gadget easily, in most cases, it slows the blogs down, since it takes more time for the blog to load with the linkwithin gadget implemented in them.

To avoid slow load time, and still have the “similar articles” or “related posts” widget on your blogspot blog, you may want to use the following little snippet, which contains code hosted by google, and I’ve found that it loads much faster and is easily configurable.

After having found the original code HERE , I realised that it doesn’t always work, and it’s not very convenient to try and put some blocks of code in several different places in your template, especially, with the new “improved” or syntax-highlighter and codeblock hider blogger template editor.

In some cases, it’s hard to correctly “tell” javascript code implemented in a blogger template how exactly to interpret the <data:postUrl> or better yet, the <data:postcanonicalUrl> , so it’s better to simply tell javascript to take the current url, put it into a variable, and then feed that variable to the function that extracts and displays the related post’s thumbnail, as an argument.

While not necessarily a big improvement, compared to the original code, to which I’ve inserted the link above, it does take a few hours of extra coding necessary to implement it, off your hands.

Wherever you want the related posts to appear, just insert the following code and do the necessary tweaks to the css and the number of maximum related posts as desired. For instance, you could edit your template, and look for data:post.body, and usually there’s a div with style=clear:both after it, that’s a good place to put this block, or, if you have ads under your posts, you might want to put this block into the footer-line-1 or so…

This is a complete, no-css, default display style of the similar posts, but if you fancy editing css to you heart's or eye's desire, then tweak and include the following block as well:

Please comment, I'm curious how many people have actually implemented this 🙂