I am still using a very old eMac G4 today, and I still consider it a very efficient computer. I can do all the things I need to do in my day-to-day work, blogging, image editing, writing articles, managing several facebook apps, facebook comments, etc. Basically, I do all my blogging work with this old eMac G4.

My eMac has a 7455 cpu, with only 256k cache, 256MB RAM [ you read that right, 256 MB  🙂 ] and I can perform all that I need to perform on it, given the necessary patience. and given that you implemented the necessary tweaks in both the OS (linux debian, or ubuntu-based system, specifically made for PPC macs), and the browser, which in my case is Iceweasel 10.0.12

Flash support is enabled, (you’ve read that one right, too, flash on an eMac PPC ), silverlight is enabled as well, and VLC plugin is enabled with a host of other very important firefox/iceweasel extensions that are the bare minimum toolkit of every webmaster.

I don’t play any games on it, though, I do listen to my favorite channel on, and I have to tell you, this old eMac still outperforms both in multitasking and single-task efficiency many of the Android tablets I have come across, though those have had or at least have been advertised with processors twice as fast and memory twice as much.old-emac-G4

You won’t be able to watch movies of course, using the flash plugin in the browser, and you won’t be able to play java games or flash games, but I’m talking about work… word processing, basic image editing, FTP, browsing, etc. All these work just fine.

I’ve tried several linux versions on it, I even had he original 10.2 Mac OSX on it, but so far, the most efficient configuration seems to have been this one, which I am curretly using, Debian, with a few personal additions and tweaks to transform it into a ubuntu /debian mix, with some of the packages that I’ve installed on it, coming directly from the debian repository, and some, directly from the ubuntu old/archived repositories.

I have recently had the (mis?)fortune of working on a 3.06 Ghz Celeron-based PC with 1GB RAM, and on Windows XP, with that computer, some of the pages that I frequently work with on this old eMac, take twice as much to load, and everything is just less responsive.

The only exceptions to responsiveness / snappiness, are in the post edit windows in WordPress or Blogger, and that is merely because they have both so many automation implemented (too much autosave, too much of rich text editing capabilities, inefficient code handling, shitloads of useless javascript, etc.) into them, that it would take a bit more memory or a much faster harddrive.

So, what do you think ? Anyone interested in what tweaks you need to implement to make an old eMac like mine work better then a 3 Ghz Celeron ? Leave a comment, let me know what you think 🙂

The post with the tweaks will be posted anyway sometime soon, I’m just curious 🙂