The greatest error any software engineer, programmer,  builder, coder can commit, is to create a software in such a way, that it would make other programmers become useless, or his or her own self, loose their job, because they would no longer be needed,  just like the great majority of CMS platforms strives to make their software so damn good, they want to make the mere existence of professionals working in auxiliary and related fields, obsolete.

WordPress, Joomla, Pinterest, Tumblr, and some other platforms, have all tried to create software in recent years, that not only makes the work of a coder or system administrator, obsolete, they have all tried and partially even succeeded in convincing the masses that you don’t need a graphic designer because you can do the image editing right inside the CMS. You don’t need a system administrator to well…administer a network of sites, because every user with the proper privileges can do whatever a system administrator would do.

While on the surface, things might seem to be as they look, the sad truth is that this way too much of “open-sourced” and “one size fits all” mentality not only produced a great array of practically useless junk sites that clogged the virtual arteries of every major search engines in the world, after which , most of these sites have been of course, abandoned, but they also prevented hundreds of thousands of programmers, graphic designers, banner designers, artists, proofreaders, copywriters, etc., from making an honest buck, because so it seemed to the end-user that “the platform” or the “CMS” would do it all for them. And while having convinced the end-users that now they will be just as good of a webmaster as “the other guy”, who had actually learned a thing or two about computing, they were never even close to the level of proficiency in computer technology to which these platforms made them believe they would, by allowing them to accomplish tasks they should not have been able to accomplish without the help of a more trained, and specialized individual.

I sometimes wonder, whether those coders and other people who work(ed) for giant corporations like WordPress, Mozilla, etc., even bother thinking about the repercussions of their actions, and the effect of their products on society, or they simply feel completely satisfied with the gullible doctrines they subscribe to by working for those companies.

My humble opinion ? They don’t

If they would, then WordPress would not have an image editor, you would have to use an external editor to do your image editing.  And a whole array of things that these platforms do contain now, would not be there…

What do you think would happen if the world’s greatest restaurants would give away for free the recipe of every dish they serve ? A recipe, for which the “chef”, the cook worked his mind off to learn how to cook and to perfect. Or what would happen if the world’s best airplane manufacturer would try to convince every passenger on every flight, that hey, piloting a plane is no big deal, why don’t you try it, you don’t need the pilots, you can do it , too.

While this mentality most certainly is very coming to a few otherwise uncapable individuals, and is sold to the public under the guise of openness, and transparency, and all that nonsense, the truth is, that this mentality is the reason why so many jobs have been lost in the last few years all over the world, and if this trend is not stopped in time, will wreak more havoc then any of the people producing it could imagine.