Selecting APT at the version list for Adobe Flash Player

If you happen to use the same operating system as me, which is Linux Mint, and want to get for your Chrome, Chromium, or Firefox browser the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, you might run into trouble if you simply select APT for Ubuntu 10+ in the dropdown list of available versions. That is because the link for the download is trying to tell your OS to load APT, and launch the installation of the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer installer from the “$distro-partner” channel, which will invariably translate to something that does not exist, and the flash player will not be installed.

Flash player installation/update error

The error message is similar to several versions of Linux Mint, I personally use Isadora, which is a LTS version [ long-time support], so you can see in the image here the error message that pops up says that there’s no such channel in the APT list. Which is correct, of course. Linux Mint is based on ubuntu, and the string should have been translated to “ubuntu-partner”, but since Linux Mint has in the string that identifies the distro “Isadora”, the link is “translated” as “isadora-partner”, a nonexistent channel in the APT.

To solve this, you can right-click on the link / button that says “Download Now”, and select “Copy link address” or “Copy link location” from the context-menu that appears. Now paste what you have copied into the address bar on the same page, and CUT THE STRING RELATED TO THE DISTRIBUTION. So, from this string of the link: “apt:adobe-flashplugin?channel=$distro-partner” it would become only this : “apt:adobe-flashplugin”. [ without the quotes, of course ]

Press enter and let APT do its job. Restart your browser if you’re using firefox, in chrome and chromium you don’t even need to restart the browser. You’ll have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed in a few seconds this way, on your Linux Mint computer.