Just a couple of days ago I had to convert some youtube movies to make them playable on an older model home dvd player, and I was very please with the video converter I had found by searching on google. A free, fast, complete converter, with an estethically pleasing interface, simple, yet very powerful program, Any Video Converter, has won 5 thumbs up from me !

At first, after installation, seeing that the interface is simplistic at first look, I thought that it would only convert from a few formats to a few formats, but I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s not the case, on the contrary, it can convert and even improve the quality of the original videos, by converting them and applying some filters to them !any-video-converter-free

I found it quite interesting, that though the program is easy to use, it is quite powerful, and for the most basic needs and much more of the average computer user or the hobbyist video creator enthusiast, is perfectly capable of accomplishing the tasks at hand.

In the list of videos imported for conversion, it even displays the codec information of the original files, and lets you convert from and to a wide variety of formats, it even has output formats for Apple TV, Xbox 360, mobile phones and such. And if you just want to create a DVD format of your favorite clips from youtube, again, it’s the perfect tool to convert from the downloaded format to DVD.

Take a look at their site, this is definitely a neat program, I can only recommend it to everyone. Click HERE to go to their site or click on the small image of the any video converter’s interface.

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